These are the principal topics from which the module will draw.  Articles prefixed by an asterisk (*) are central and should be considered mandatory reading.

  1. Cognitivism
  2. Extended Mind
  3. Embodiment
  4. Ecological Psychology
  5. Biosemiotics
  6. Seeing and Vision
  7. Mind and Life 1: The enactive approach introduced
  8. Mind & Life 2: Enaction and Sociality
  9. Joint Speech
  10. Tim Ingold
  11. Objectivity
  12. Science, epistemology, and the soul

Further Reading

Here are some rich sources of further reading:

The traditions of enaction and ecological psychology have a tortuous history. Agreeing on many of the criticisms levied at cognitivism, they nonetheless remain distinct traditions whose relation is the subject of much debate. Here is a special issue of Frontiers with 31 articles exploring the contrasts, complementarities, conundrums and confusions relating the two traditions.

The 4E label has been gaining a lot of traction. Here is an issue of the Journal for the Philosophy of Mind, Language and the Arts devoted to 4E Cognition: Aesthetics, Ecology and Beyond.

Past topics

  1. Languaging
  2. Distributed Cognition
  3. Anthropology
  4. Dialogism
  5. Further Reading
  6. Inhabiting
  7. Active Perception
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