Having reached this point in our reading, some consideration of the notion of objectivity in scientific work is warranted.

*Daston, Lorraine, and Peter Galison. The image of objectivity. Representations (1992): 81-128.

This article is relevant in this context:

Henrich, Joseph, Steven J. Heine, and Ara Norenzayan. The weirdest people in the world?. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33.2-3 (2010): 61-83.

After (and only after) you have read the Daston & Gallison article, you might be interested in this introduction to the 2001 exhibition Iconoclash which looked at the ambiguity that seems to necessarily attend the use of images to access reality in science, religion and art.

Latour, Bruno (2001) What is iconoclash. In Iconoclash, Beyond the Image-Wars in Science, Religion and Art (edited by Peter Weibel and Bruno Latour), ZKM and MIT Press, pp. 14-37, 2002

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