Further Reading

A few further articles are collected here that do not fit neatly into any of the previous categories, but that we may draw on, or that may be treated as bonus material for later consumption.

For those with an interest in dynamics, Scott Kelso’s theory of Coordination Dynamics is a very well fleshed out scientific theory that is cut from very similar cloth (though wholly independent).  A succinct overview of the theory is given in this article: Coordination Dynamics of the Complementary Nature by Engstrøm and Kelso. We could do with more readings here.

Under Anthropology, we found Ingold leaning on a distinction of an implicate and an explicate order.  This stems from the physicist, David Bohm. Bohm was the last of the great physicists to really insist that the reality described by physics be continuous with the reality experienced by us.

Bohm, D. (2003). The Essential David Bohm, edited by Lee Nichol.

We need to think hard about what nervous systems are doing.  I find Fred Keijzer very helpful in this regard:

Keijzer, F., Van Duijn, M., & Lyon, P. (2013). What nervous systems do: early evolution, input–output, and the skin brain thesis. Adaptive Behavior, 21(2), 67-85.

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