Extended Mind

Our discussion has to start with this seminal article. The extended mind hypothesis seems to have generated a mini-industry.

*Clark, A., & Chalmers, D. (1998). The extended mind. Analysis, 7-19.

An elaboration of Andy Clark’s ideas on the topic can be found in Chapter 3 of his book Supersizing the Mind. And here is Dave Chalmers’ foreword to that book.

Some criticism:
F. Adams and K. Aizawa, (2004?) “Defending the bounds of cognition” In Menary, R., The Extended Mind, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

And Andy Clark’s response: Memento’s Revenge, from the same volume.  This discussion ain’t over yet.

A blog post by Andy Clark himself, reviewing Adams and Aizawa’s recent book.

Here is a very cogent criticism: The Extended Breath account of respiration, by Paul Thagard, one of the central figures to classical cognitive science.  Discuss this.