Distributed Cognition

We continue our inquiry into the term “cognition” with a consideration of “behaviour” carried out by multiple individuals.

* Here is Ed Hutchins himself on the topic of Distributed Cognition (2000).

Here is “A brief introduction to distributed cognition” by Yvonne Rogers.

*Here is a recent chapter by Hutchins that provides perhaps the clearest exposition i have seen of his approach, though it down plays the collective nature of the activity.  This introduces themes of embodiment and enaction that we will follow up on in some detail.
Hutchins, E. (2010) “Enaction, Imagination and Insight“, Chpt 15 of Stewart et al (2010) Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science, MIT Press.

*And here is a review of Hutchins’ book “Cognition in the Wild” by Bruno Latour.

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